LATEST NEWS: Live Adult art classes are starting again this week, 7 September 2020. Daytime and evening classes.


From March to August, Adult classroom sessions were suspended due to the Coronavirus. Online video tutorials are still available to complete at home. There is also a taster session for you to try and packages available.

There are 3x 6-week online art tutorial packages available for MAY and June and August.

The pictures for AUGUST (below) include a watercolour feather, horse, beans still-life and view of Ribbleshead in Yorshire. A pastel view of Piccadilly Circus and a pencil portrait.

Summer August online tutorials

The pictures for JUNE (below) include a watercolour flowers, embrace, street scene and fountain. A pastel London view and pencil fox.

May Online Tutorial Package

The pictures for MAY (below) include a watercolour beach-scape, street scene, still-life, Dutch landscape, old olive tree and pencil portrait. If you would like information about how to access these videos, please email me at sam@artisamstudio.co.uk.

May Package Online Tutorials

Welcome to Artisam Painting & Drawing Classes & Gallery

Like everyone I started drawing & painting at primary school. It was only when I was about 14 that I really got the bug and discovered I could draw, thank you Mrs. Norman-Draper!

I completed a Foundation Art Diploma and BA(hons) Graphic Design, then followed a corporate career in Graphic Design. In the last 7 years I have got back to basics, picking up paint brushes again instead of a mouse all the time.

In this age of fast paced lives, its more important that ever to find some calm mindful activity to take a break from the chaos. Art classes are just that – an opportunity to focus and find some me-time. I believe that whatever your level, its the process of focusing on something creative that’s important rather than whether you produce a masterpiece!

Multimedia/Art Tutor

  • Bromley Adult Education College
  • Adult daytime and evening classes at Christ Church, Orpington
  • Kids classes at Warren Road School

Exhibited at The Widmore College, Bromley Adult Education College, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Contact me at sam@artisamstudio.co.uk for more information about classes and to enquire about painting sales and  commissions.

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