Summer School 2020

Some creative & mindful time for the children this summer holiday. Sessions will be taking place at Warren Road School for 6-11 year olds. Dates from Monday 10 August until Friday 21 August, 10am-12pm each day. Each session is £12 and includes all materials. Book as many sessions as you like.

Please click here to book sessions

Covid Restrictions – Steps I will take to keep children safe

During this unprecedented time I will be adhering rigidly with Government restrictions. Below is an outline of steps I will be taking to keep all children safe.

Each morning I will meet the children at the Warren Road entrance at 10am. Please do not use the buzzer as I don’t have access to the receiver. Please make sure that you do not bring your child if they have/had any covid symptoms in the last 2 weeks. We need to adhere to the 2m between each child while we walk to the classroom, family groups can walk together.

I’ll be washing my hands thoroughly before the class and during the class as necessary.

Each child will wash their hands on arrival and can use hand sanitizer as necessary. I will provide a pump, but please supply your child with their own sanitizer if you prefer. Each child will be encouraged to wash hands often. I will provide hand soap and disposable paper towels.

The door and windows will be left open for ventilation. The room door will be propped open so the children do not need to use the door handle when entering and leaving for the toilet.

The tables in the classroom will be arranged in rows all facing the same direction. There will be 1 child per table distanced apart. Family groups can sit together.

Each child will get their own set of pencils, paint brush, water pot, and paint palette. This will be in a labelled clear plastic bag. The children can also bring their own materials if preferred and will not be allowed to share. Paper will be placed on their tables at the beginning of the week so I don’t have to keep passing it round.

The children that come all week/more than one day will have their own equipment bag left on their own labelled table for the duration. Children that come for odd days, their equipment will be sanitized and repacked for a new child at the end of each session.

Please send your child with a named water bottle, but no food.

I will stand and demonstrate the art projects at the front of the room keeping at a 2m distance. If I need to move around the room closer to the children to help then I will use a mask.

I will disinfect the tables, chairs and taps, plus any other surfaces as required and at the end of every session.

Please contact me if you have any questions.